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Talking to Angels

And talking to fairies. And Devas. And animals, insects and plants. Over the last few years I have been doing a lot of research on co-creative gardening. This is the sort of gardening that made Findhorn, that gardening miracle, possible, and that fuels most flower essence companies today. Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic gardening have also embraced the idea of co-creation. Some great books about this are “Behaving as if the God in all life mattered” and “To hear the angels sing.” Both books have very Christian titles, but no dogma lies withing their pages. The writing is entirely about communing with nature — which necessarily connects you to Source energy, and the realization that All is One, and so, yes, God is everywhere.

In essence, you relax your mind, and open yourself to communication with the nature spirits on your property. Some people do it through meditation, others sit down with a pen and paper and let the words flow. Myself, I like to sit at the computer.
You’d be amazed at how much information they have to share with you, and how much easier it can be to maintain your land when you pay attention to what they have to say. On my own land I have recieved instructions on how and when to fertilize (clean wood ash in the fall, and compost in the spring. Mulch with 6-10 inches of hay, never need to water again) and what the ants would like in exchange for not invading my home each spring (a small bowl of sugar in a sheltered spot outside in the garden). I have talked with a huge swarm of honeybees and had them agree to build their nest in the woods bordering our property in exchange for free access to the yard (after this, even the yellow jackets behaved sweetly.) I have been asked to leave an area that was covered with toxic dolls-eye bushes wild for one summer, and told that the next year I could clear it without the doll’s eyes returning. That “wild” summer, the other plants took over the doll’s eyes, choking them out, so that they never went to seed, and now the area is cleared and a safe, favorite place for my young son to play.
Now, they’ve given me instructions and reassurances on how to fix my roof, where and how to plant new crops in the spring, and where to place a solar collector for hot-air heat on the house.
Somedays, for fun, we like to go out and take pictures of the property. And Sometimes, the nature spirits show themselves to us in the photos. There’s one in the upper left of the banner for this blog, and here are some more for you to enjoy. Their message is always the same: Be joyful. Be joy-FULL. Be in love, and know that you are loved. All is one, and you are one with Spirit, with Source. All will be well.