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Spreading the Good Word

Today my partner and I received a call from the local paper wanting to do an article on us, and they came in right away for the interview. Apparently, they heard that our small “Natural Health Center & New Age Store” belongs to one of the few sectors that is still doing well in this economy, and that lots of people are turning to stores like ours to talk to psychics. Ha ha — we wish! Our store started tanking over a year ago, when the economic downturn was just beginning. We have, however, been slowly climbing back out of the hole for the last four months or so. We each work about 25 hours a week at the store, and have been taking home a whopping $200 a month. It’s a labor of love people, and boy, what a looooong labor it has been!
But the woman was, in a way, right… I’ve noticed three things over the past months among our customers, both of which are good trends.
First, I see a lot more people coming in looking for self-help books, or metaphysical books that will help them get “tuned it, tapped in and turned on” to their inner beings. People are seeking to know themselves better, and understanding that this will help them go with flow better, which in turn will lead to them a better place, both spiritually and economically.
Second, there has actually been a decrease in our traffic for the psychics or intuitive counselors, while there has been an increase in traffic for all our energy healers. People are seeking to better align themselves energetically, looking to learn how to be in balance with themselves and their surroundings. This can only lead to better things, for them, and for the world.
And, third, there has been an increase in people buying gifts for other people. Rather than thinking of themselves, the majority of people are looking for little ways to make their friends and families feel better. This is a grassroots compassion movement, and I for one am ecstatic to see it surging.
To help it along, we have offered our customers a 2-week “spread the love” 25% off sale on all retail items in the store. Not because we need to move merchandise, which most sales in retail are motivated by, but because we want to help make it possible for this compassion movement to continue.
In the meantime, it appears the universe is sending us back a little “love note” to thank us: free advertising in the form of an article in the paper! THANK YOU, UNIVERSE! We love you, too 🙂